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Design & Consultancy

We are able to help build your perfect home or establishment

We take your vision and bring it to life

Lets talk design, beautiful aesthetically pleasing and daring. Whatever your chosen flavor is, no matter how much it pushes the boundaries we can always try to achieve your vision and bring it to life. We are happy to provide a no fee no obligation quote for your chosen build. 

Use our experts to consult on ideas, we have no interest in up-selling products and services; rather we have a no nonsense jargon free method of satisfying our customers needs. We can advise you on the correct tool-set to achieve your goal. From there, you can choose Aquatek to supply and fit, or it can be down to yourselves and your team to go through with producing from the provided consultation. 

From consultancy, design, sourcing products, installation, repairs, upgrades or maintenance. We can step in or step back as you wish. We implore our customers to get involved with the products and services we provide, knowledge is power! The more you are willing to learn the more new adventures will unfold for your home or business. 

Speak to us now and let our experts help you to achieve your dream asset. We only aim to add value and never take any away. 

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