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Electrical & Wiring

Aesthetically pleasing electrical installs and spaghetti junction free cabling 

Free yourself of cabling mess and upgrade your environments electrical resources

Our engineers love a challenge and getting down and dirty with a cabling havoc is their forte. Rewiring all types of cables from a mess to a neat tidy arrangement of eye candy cabling is an instant rush of fulfillment to our engineers. We can offer you solutions on cable management, cable upgrades and maintenance. Working under the desks, over the racks and everywhere in between to deliver stunning cabling that keeps you and your employees from tripping over or using a treasure map to find that sweet vacant outlet. 

We offer solutions to electrical install, repairs and upgrades. As the world moved more and more digital, we can provide the necessary additions to your outlets or anything electrical. Need a plug socket, media wall outlet, surround sound cabling or more? We can meet your requirements and will only use the best products to suit your budget.

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