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Access Control

From time attendance to anti passback, it can be customized to your application!

Offering security with simplicity, all managed centrally

No one wants to use complicated access control systems. It is important to keep your site secure while keeping access simple to use for your visitors or employees. There will be areas of your site or venue that, for different reasons, should not be accessible to the public. There should be a clear distinction between your public and private areas, with the correct access control measures in place. Have visibility and manage authorized and unauthorized staff or guest access. Reducing theft in your home or place of business. Attendance records are available due to secure auditing. Integrate your system with fire alarms, intruder alarms and much more!

Increase employee safety with security lock down features to prevent movement of unauthorized individuals in your building.

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ANPR, key card, password, facial recognition. It can be done!

Granting access to your property in a timely manner is essential for increased efficiency. The best ANPR cameras are designed to help with this by accurately capturing licence plate details and immediately opening the access control device. This allows visitors to enter your premises quickly, without compromising on accuracy. Investing in ANPR cameras are a great way to ensure your visitors are greeted in timely and welcoming way.

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