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Networking & Wi-Fi

An absolute must from important phone calls to reading the news. A failing network causes unwanted issues and frustration.

Stay connected stay online all the time

In a world where technology is ever growing at a vast rate, staying connected, with a reliable high speed network is a must. We provide Networking and Wi-Fi solutions to eliminate these interruptions and slow speeds. 

Our trained engineers are equipped with years of training on how to do deal with enhancing your connectivity across your home or business. 

Has your service provider installed your incoming line somewhere you now realise is not performing well? We can move your incoming line to a more suited location. We can repair connections inside your property without you calling out your service provider. 

Add more ports to your home or business enabling more wired connectivity to provide the best bandwidth, we can also add Wi-Fi access points along with a guided setup that is jargon free and simple to access. Exceptional service delivered by exceptional engineers. 

Does your business require Ethernet ports on each desk? In each hotel room? Or in meeting rooms? We are experienced and work with the best products to get the job done to a high standard. 

We can lock off IP’s to your employees devices MAC addresses or even allow guest access with limited functionality. Keeping your guests happy and your systems safe from digital intruders and attacks.

We can provide a full audit and drawings to the layout of your network allowing you to keep track of how data travels around your site. 

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