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Video Distribution

Send streams of video from one easy to use central system to multiple areas

Stream from one or more source to multiple areas

Take your chosen stream of video with you to any room you desire. Stream out to all screens with one source or play out to multiple screens with multiple sources. We can setup a central system to carry out these tasks at a high quality! 

When it comes to viewing, the comfort of one room maybe different to another. Stream from one device and allow our technology to distribute the content across multiple rooms. Never miss a moment when going into another room as the synchronized stream will be displayed wherever you choose.

Does your business need content displayed across multiple areas? We are here and ready to help meet your needs with seamless content switching. Impress your guests with high quality video wherever they may be on your premises. 

Do you want to output specifically designed content to all hotel rooms? To all guest waiting areas? Spread a sports match across all rooms? We understand and we can design and fit what is right for you.

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