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Home Automation & Control

Our most creative and innovative service to deliver

Personalize your life brilliantly with convenient easy to use simplified systems

This is one of our favorite services to offer you. Automate your home or business to function how you would like. From lighting, comfort, security and media. We can automate a plethora of smart devices into one system. Giving you control to automate products such as, smart lights, heating, air conditioning, door locks, media and much much more. No project is too small or too big, we love to work with customers who really want to push the boundaries of automation in exciting ways. 

Scene creation is a funky way for you to create and enable different mood settings around the house; across multiple devices at the tap of a button, schedule, even voice commands.

Set a good morning button that will open the blinds, set the temperature, play your favorite playlist to the desired volume and even turn on single or multiple screens with that vital morning information you require; why not even have the diffuser turn on? Wake up those senses and start the day right each morning. 

We work with homeowners, offices, hotels and even agricultural sites to maximize efficiency by reducing the time taken to turn on and tweak your devices. Stay in control with all your devices worldwide giving you that peace of mind that you have access in your hands via app, remote, or even a touchscreen device. 

We work with the leading edge of home automation hardware and software manufacturers. Our passionate engineers have been trained to expertly deliver stunning results. We have a policy to only meet our customers requirements, offer the best cosmetically pleasing products and services that you will use. We here to elevate your life and not clutter it with unnecessary additions.

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