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Smart Lighting

Transform and create lighting moods inside and out. Include your favourite scenes for every mood.

Set the mood through smart lighting at your fingertips

We are working with industry shakers on producing the best quality smart lighting around your home or business. 

Change the way you light up, through smart lighting we can efficiently setup app, voice commands, remote or smart switch based lighting. We can create the scenes you desire to keep your home or business feeling uplifted and relaxed. Smart lighting is an essential part of adding comfort to your home. With supporting research proving lights affect your mood. Let us help elevate your property with an incredible look and feel. 

Save on energy costs by giving yourself the functionality to set schedules or control through an app wherever you may be. We can automate lights to sensors allowing you to gently navigate to the bathroom when you wake up through the night. Setup intruder defense lighting to deter thieves and secure your home or business. Mimic the presence of human activity through scheduled lights to randomly turn on and off whilst you are away. 

Create lighting scenes for movie night, reading, working, cooking, kids nightlight, party mode and much much more. We are happy to create what you need when you need. 

Use sensors to turn lights on when you enter a room and turn off when there is no presence detected. This will cut down on unwanted energy usage. There is little limitation when it comes to smart lighting and we will offer you the best solution. So get started and contact us today! 

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