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Communication is key when it comes to designing and implementation.

When it comes to communication with external contractors or designers, it is one of the upmost important factors to mitigate unexpected results and disappointment. However, we make sure communication is a priority and we work together so everything is punctual and smooth. Lets stay on track, together. 

Property Developers

Many of our services are commonly needed by developers around the country, we can help with that. We work with you or directly with the client. Its entirely your decision. Boast our technology in your showrooms to attract more buyers as many have done so already. 


Having a client who wants a service you unfortunately don’t offer as of this moment? We’re happy to engage and offer solutions with our contractors. 

Interior Designers

Sometimes everything needs to be perfect and we strive for the same. We happily work with interior designers to keep to your chosen conformity or out of the box visions are met. Ensuring the cosmetic of your property isn’t disrupted in any way, rather it is enhanced. 

Home Owners

It’s your home! We listen to what you want and we fully design, install and program your system to your taste. Go bold or go simple with the depth of technology that is available to you from us. 

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