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Intercom & Gate Control

See who is at the front door before granting access and automating gate control

See who is exactly at your front door or gate before granting access

We take security seriously and when Aquatek first established, we ensured to learn from the best to deliver the best in Intercom and Gate Control. Gain full visibility of who has approached your premises and easily approve/deny access. This can be carried out onsite or remotely depending on your requirements. 

Allow temporary access codes and enjoy an audit of knowing who has entered your premises. Tightening security along with style and function is what we aim to provide. Benefits from access control at the gate prevents thefts and unwanted visitors. We can install, upgrade or repair systems. Team up your intercom/gate control with our smart system and enable you access on your phone or from a high resolution eye catching touchscreen in your desired location. We even fit an ANPR camera to allow access to your chosen number plates allowing you to enter quickly without having to access an app or keypad.

This is a sure way to increase security and never miss a delivery bundled into one. Highly recommended for easy access control to your home or business. 

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