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Media Rooms

Immerse yourself in your own high quality audio and video media room 

Bringing the next generation of entertainment to you

We provide a high quality service of bringing you an immersive experience from lighting, sound, comfort, video and style. 

Do you want the best when watching movies, playing games, or listening to music? We bring our A game when installing comfortable settings that output the best quality every time. Bring the wow factor into your home or business and enable you and your guests to enjoy a game changer level of media room. 

We can install ambient lighting that can be automated to your choice. Imagine lights dimming once media is played like a real cinema, curtain being pulled aside. Have lights emit from the back of screens onto the walls to expand and enhance the movie you are watching. Don’t lose audio and have it travel with you to whichever room you desire, even the bathroom!

Sharp video and crisp audio is delivered to amaze you and your guests. Surround yourself in beautiful sound, select from large screens to high resolution projectors, we can work to your requirements and budget. 

We work alongside experienced local joinery companies to ensure you have the best way for viewing high quality content with the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind interior design. Get the look and feel that you desire. 

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